Plug & Play Outlook Integration
for CRM / SaaS Vendors

Make your End Users more Productive by enabling them to:
Synchronize Outlook Contacts, Calendars and Tasks with your CRM
Archive all customers’ email correspondence to your CRM
Link Outlook data to your CRM entities such as: accounts, opportunities, cases etc.
No More Switching Back and Forth between Outlook and the CRM


Benefits to CRM / SaaS Vendors

Plug & Play

Integrate with Outlook quickly and easily. Implicit Sync platform integrates on both ends: Outlook and your CRM application thus minimizing your development time.

Build Vs. Buy

Why re-invent the wheel? Save the cost of in-house development by going with a five years old, very stable product, adopted by many CRM/SaaS vendors.


Increase brand awareness by white-labeling the solution so it becomes an extension of your CRM product. After all, most enterprise users spend most of their day working with Outlook!


Synchronize Contacts, Calendars and Tasks

  • Automatic and manual sync
  • Bidirectional or unidirectional
  • Sync from any Outlook folder
  • Multiple calendars / contacts folders
  • Recurrent Meetings
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Configuration is remotely controlled by CRM

CRM-Specific Entities

Define a set of CRM entities such as accounts, opportunities, cases etc. Dynamically sync them with Outlook and allow users to link them with Outlook items.

Embed Your Web Pages

Extend the UI and functionality of Outlook items to include your custom CRM fields by embedding your own web pages inside Outlook forms.

Full Offline Support

All data that you create or modify in Outlook while being offline, will be automatically synced to your CRM upon re-connecting to the Internet.


Powerful Email Integration

Maintain complete inbound and outbound email archive of all customer correspondence. Set rules which emails should be automatically archived and define the CRM records with which emails should be linked.

Powerful Email Integration

Automatic Vs. Manual Email Archive

The convenience of automatic rule-based email archive based on contacts, combined with the flexibility to manually archive emails to any CRM record.


Your CRM application can configure how emails should be archived (HTML or text), should attachments be included as well as limit their type and size.

Seamless Email Archive

To minimize any impact on user experience, Implicit Sync utilizes a taskbar application that archives emails in the background, making the process seamless to users.