Plug & Play Exchange Integration
for CRM / SaaS Vendors

Synchronize your CRM Contacts, Calendars & Tasks with Users’ Exchange Mailboxes
Archive all Inbound & Outbound Emails from/to your CRM Contacts
No Software Installed on Users’ Desktop
Supports both Windows & Mac Users
Fully automatic with Manual Override
Centralized Administration; Easy to Install & Configure


Benefits to CRM / SaaS Vendors

Supports Windows & Mac Users

Either as a stand-alone solution, or combined with the Outlook integration, Implicit Sync for Exchange allows you to support both Windows & Mac users.

No Desktop Software to Deploy

All you need to do, is to install Implicit Sync on a server inside your corporate network. No need to deploy and maintain any additional software on users’ desktops.


Synchronize Contacts, Calendars and Tasks

Full bi-directional synchronization between Users’ Exchange mailboxes and your CRM. Administrators can select the Exchange folders to sync, the direction and whether sync should be fully automatic or based on user selection, e.g.: sync all meetings with CRM contacts and leads and/or sync meetings that users explicitly mark for synchronization.

Implicit Sync supports two modes:

  • Fully Automatic - Seamless synchronization that requires no user intervention. For example: Sync all meetings and tasks associated with contacts.

  • Manual - Users can mark items for synchronization by selecting a global Exchange category. It’s a very useful option when data flows mainly from Exchange into the CRM.
Synchronize Contacts, Calendars and Tasks
Email Archive

Email Archive

Maintain complete inbound and outbound email archive of all your correspondence with CRM contacts.

Select auto-mode to archive all emails received from or sent to CRM contacts. Enable manual mode to allow your user to mark selected emails for archive.

Select whether attachments should be archived to the CRM and limit them by file type and size.