Custom Outlook Integrations
Custom Add-Ins

Looking to integrate your product with Microsoft Outlook ?
Since 2004, Implicit has established itself as the premier developer of custom Outlook Development
Leverage our Experience to Shorten your Time-to-Market and Save on Development/Support Cost
CRM, SaaS, Video/Web conferencing, Secure Messaging, Secure File Delivery services, SPAM/Phishing Reporting, Database Integration, and many more...


Outlook Integration with Video
and Web Conferencing

Implicit has partnered with leading video and Web conferencing vendors to develop a tight integration with Outlook.

These add-ins leverage the rich Outlook calendaring and email invites functionality and extend it to provide video conferencing capabilities. The functionality includes:

  • Customization of meeting invites
  • Resource scheduling
  • Calendar synchronization
  • Calendar sharing and delegations

Secure Email & Document Delivery

Implicit has developed several different products for secure delivery of emails and documents. These solutions encrypt and securely deliver the email content and attachments. Functionality includes customizing Outlook user interface to allows users to select delivery and expiration options.


SPAM and Phishing Solutions

Implicit has developed multiple Outlook solutions to allow enterprise users to report SPAM, Phishing and malicious emails.